The first one crackth the palm of lies no justice shall be done

Are we seeing the world? We’re traveling on the welfare statements?

Fundamentalist authorities judging dirt from clean rebellion!

Attacking the force, striking the cause…..

The echos reverb and feedback of reality disturb my peace

Unless through education I can evolve towards a mutual respect.

Integrity is fragile but you ignored the cost

Defend your home, offer your loved to the ruin

Because i don’t think that any one of them believes that the revolution’s real

Travels unto scene of a lifespan, freedom, travel descender

You’ll never make the charts – charts – if you sing about repression

In this frozen climate the temperature should bring you down to rights

Depiction hints to surface – resurrect and manifest

They rebel and raise hell across alleyways and in classroom settings….

Welcome incursions of chaos, you know you cannot resist

Serving on our knees we will as long as we’re not breaking free……………………..