The rain boiling over lifeless flame..
Fear pays a healthy wage, leaves it free…. Thinkers open minds the opposite of your kind.. You hate everyone to the core of your heart….

Very next scene i wanna be the malignant instant ‘watch your back’ guarantee soul…
I am scared to think that im getting old… as i waste my life and time behold…
now the desperate host of man, struggling to face the horror of old selfish gain- ignoring the truth- innocent suffering and pain- when you wave eternal death – mass cremation of our race consciousness begins to fade…..
killer driven insane by the blood
God is solid between a video screen, a plastic wall and a broken material dream will some feel sorry for? Will anyone defend?
Don’t believe in the truce we gonna fight until somebody here dies

I sell crack lies like it’s ’98, I live in the past…….

(In childhood we build an empire of our selfmade worldy things, still sort of the same here today I crackin’ lies to sell them to you all for good price..)